Software for the Apple iPhone


InerTrak® for iPhone version 1.3

Mobile Time Tracking Software

Accurate time tracking is an important part of project management, whether you are a designer, a lawyer, a contract worker, or anyone else who works on multiple projects on an hourly basis.

InerTrak is a powerful, easy-to-use time tracking program that automatically keeps track of the time you spend on different projects thorughout the day; all you do is click to start and stop the timer.

You can see the daily totals for each project, check off days as they are billed, and see a summary view that includes the overall totals for each project.

Each project can include an hourly rate, automatically showing the monetary as well as time totals.

NEW: InerTrak for iPhone can synchronize data with the desktop InerTrak.

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IntCalc for iPhone v. 1.0

Mobile RPN Calculator

An RPN calculator, loosely based on the ancient HP16c programmer's calculator. If you don't know what RPN is, this probably isn't the right calculator for you.

It can display and convert between any of the common number bases -- binary, octal, decimal, hexidecimal -- as well as ASCII.

32-bit integer arithmetic, C double precision floating point.

Displays all four elements of the stack with room to see all 32 bits in binary mode.

Many bitwise integer functions ("and", "or", "xor" "not", shift, rotate, set bit, clear bit, etc.).

Floating-point functionality includes square root, reciprocal, y-to-the-x, and trigonometric and logarithmic functions.

iphone time tracking